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Designed by teachers for teachers, our learning video games incorporate high quality graphics to deeply engage students in order to provide students with active learning experiences ideal for the development of key transferable skills!

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"immersionED helped historical events feel more real for my students. The Reformation module allowed students to step into the shoes of a person living during that time, and they were forced to live the same religious conflict that was occurring across Europe during the 16th century. I look forward to future collaborations with immersionED!"

Joseph HohreinHistory Teacher at DePaul College Prep

"I felt like I retained information more easily because it was less traditional and was different from other classes."

Student at a Pilot School

“We have been looking for a product like immersionED for over a decade!”

Head of Technology at a school on the East Coast
About immersionED

immersionED's founder is a former history teacher

While teaching remotely during the pandemic, one of Chad's favorite students said "Mr. Wilson, I already know this from playing Assassin's Creed." When he heard this, he began creating Twitch streams of historically set video games to create interactive learning sessions for the ~400 students in the grade. Students enjoyed this so much that they began to ask for extra sessions for fun! Seeing this level of engagement, Chad decided to build a comprehensive solution so that other teachers could also bring history to life for their students through video games. Thus immersionED was born!

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Our games can be played on Chromebook, Mac, and PC and teachers can track student homework metrics such as time spent on each question and average score by question. Students can collaborate with their teachers and classmates on assignments and earn rewards for completing work or maintaining good grades.

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Meet The Team

We're multidisciplinary team based around the United States with a passion for creating innovative educational experiences.

Founder & CEO

Chad Wilson

Chad Wilson is the CEO and Founder of immersionED. For the past 5 years, Chad has worked to develop a unique background in business and education. He spent the first two years at Morgan Stanley doing investment banking, where he learned the best practices of business and honed his analytical skills. In that time, he progressed from building rote valuation models to crafting bespoke analyses such as an original regression to value a family’s deserved premium for relinquishing control of a company. Afterwards, he transitioned to teaching where he began to directly explore the application of technology in education. In particular, Chad led the Pre-Modern World History team during the pandemic and initiated video game-based learning modules to drive student engagement. This led to improved class participation, homework completion, and test scores and was used on an ongoing basis grade-wide throughout the school year. Concurrent with his time at work, Chad volunteered at a mentorship program called Minds Matter first as a mentor for three years and then for two years as an associate board member, where he helped with their marketing approach, the primary fundraise of the year, and was selected as the sole associate board member to help guide their COVID reopening plan. Now he is a full-time MBA student at the University of Chicago Booth where he is taking courses concentrated on entrepreneurship and strategic management and is focusing on developing immersionED. In his free time, Chad enjoys meditating, reading, and watching the NBA.

Chad’s background in business and education positions him well to handle the challenges of starting an EdTech company. He has a strong grasp on the technical aspects of finance from his work experience in investment banking and his entrepreneurial approach benefits from ongoing learning, guidance, and direct support from the Chicago Booth entrepreneurial department, where he plans to enter immersionED into the Social New Venture Challenge. Conversely, Chad has a lifelong passion for history and learning more broadly that led him to pursue historical studies as an undergraduate at Dartmouth College, including a study abroad program on ancient Greek history. He has already found novel ways as a teacher to instill this passion for learning upon younger generations of students through engaging digital learning solutions that draw on video games and is ready to expand on this successful approach through immersionED.

Chief Sales Officer

Dave Benoit

Dave Benoit is an experienced business leader with a track record as an innovator.  He has been President or CEO of five companies, and started five edtech companies.  He helped lead the early stages of instructional software in classrooms, delivered the first web content for teachers and pioneered the birth of virtual charter schools.  Recently he introduced 3D printers to classrooms, delivered virtual instruction to students in SE Asia and developed partnerships to use AI in educational software platforms.

Dave’s successful ventures include Lightspan (IPO-2000), Co-nect (sold to Pearson in ‘05), Connections Academy (sold to Pearson in ‘11), Middlebury Interactive Languages (sold to K12 in 2016, won award for excellence at Serious Play Conference in 2011), and ScholarCentric (sold to Advance Path in 2015).  He also received the EdNet Rookie of the Year Award as best new company and product (Waking Minds, Writing) in the K-12 market for CDI America, an English language company he launched in 2004.

His recent work includes the launching of Hudson Global Scholars (created an OPM Model for Catholic market), and building the go-to-market strategy for Riiid Labs, a S. Korean AI developer entering the US market.  Dave also navigated the challenges of translating classroom skills to the workplace in a partnership between Rio Grande College (OH) and Olive AI, leading development of a software engineering program for students from SE Ohio.  Turning his focus to teacher training, he partnered with Eduscape to expand access to its online PD platform.  He created new partnerships with edtech companies (white labeling the platform) from Korea and the US (Capstone), as well as a major tech partner(Intel).  These partnerships will reach thousands of teachers and fuel new growth.

Now, Dave functions as Chief Sales officer at immersionED. He brings decades of experience running school sales at EdTech startups and will help immersionED navigate its broad launch in Fall 2024 and beyond.

Dave is married with three adult sons that he and his wife (Janice) coached and mentored in suburban Chicago for many decades.  He also takes great pride in mentoring young student-athletes playing football for his alma mater (Northwestern ’86 – majored in journalism and played fullback).  Additionally, he serves on several boards and advises a number of companies in the education market.

Lead Game Developer

Scott Cameron

Scott Cameron is a software engineer and designer with more than twenty years in video games and technology. Scott worked as a game engineer at gaming startups Studio Gigante and Genuine Games before spending a decade as an engineer and designer at the multitouch startup, TouchTable, Inc. Most recently Scott helped lead the UI & user experience team at Industrial Toys that was acquired by Electronic Arts in 2018.

Now at immersionED, Scott utilizes his industry expertise to lead the game team, overseeing their development and design teams and ensuring that progress continues according to established timelines. He also functions as the lead engineer, implementing gameplay and programming systems. He is excited to bring history to life through immersionED’s unique and revolutionary educational experiences.

Senior Platform Developer

Ji Hoon Kim

Ji Hoon Kim is a software engineer and leader with 10+ years of experience, and much like his life, Ji Hoon has found himself doing different things in different places. Ji Hoon’s experience designing and building software spans across many different industries and companies of all sizes. His most recent work includes leading the design and implementation of Synthetic GraphQL for Microsoft's Azure API Management platform and leading development efforts of a modernized manufacturing execution system for, a pharmaceutical manufacturing startup.

Ji Hoon holds a strong belief that education is one of the best foundations that individuals can build a purposeful life upon and hopes to bring his dedication and commitment to immersionED to help create experiences for students that they will remember while providing the type of education that they can trust in to help them flourish.

Art Director

Andrew Williams

Dr. Andrew Williams is a Professor of design history and game art at the University of Wisconsin-Stout with twelve years of experience in historical research, game development and leadership. Dr. Williams conducts research at the intersection of the history of art, design and interactive media with experience as a Co-Producer and lead developer for the historical videogame “Witness to the Revolution,” game and narrative designer for the interactive exhibit “Play the Past” at the Minnesota History Center, and author of the video game history textbook, History of Digital Games: Developments in Art, Design and Interaction as well as an author of other publications. Williams also served seven years as the Director for two nationally-ranked, career-focused Bachelor of Fine Arts university programs in game art and animation.

Dr. Williams is currently serving as art director and environment artist with immersionED. As art director he helps set game art workflows and coordinates with the team of artists in producing game assets that are high quality, visually consistent and historically accurate. As environment artist, he is developing the architectural and prop assets for several gameplay spaces including the large outdoor King Street environment, the print shop of Thomas Johnston, and the Royal Exchange Tavern. He is drawn to immersionED because of the opportunity to work with others who share a passion for creating historically immersive worlds to help bring the wonder of history to larger audiences.

Senior Advisor

Alex Seropian

Alexander Seropian is an American video game developer, one of the initial founders and later president of Bungie, the developer of the Marathon, Myth, and Halo video game series. Seropian became interested in computer programming in college and teamed up with fellow student Jason Jones to publish Jones’s game Minotaur: The Labyrinths of Crete. The two became partners, and Bungie grew to become the best-known Apple Macintosh game developer before being bought by Microsoft in 2001.

In 2004, Seropian left Bungie and created Wideload Games, with the goal of streamlining game development. Wideload’s small core development team worked with outside contractors to produce Stubbs the Zombie and Hail to the Chimp. Wideload was acquired by Disney in 2009. As part of the deal Seropian became vice president of game development for Disney Interactive Studios. In 2012 he left the position to start Industrial Toys, a company focusing on mobile games, that was acquired in 2018 by EA.

As a member of the immersionED advisory board, Alex provides guidance on the creation of engaging gameplay for learning modules and helps immersionED navigate the video game industry using his extensive experience and unparalleled network.