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Crafted by educators, for educators, immersionED video games revolutionize learning with stunning graphics and captivating animations. Dive deep into historical events as students are fully immersed in interactive experiences that bring history to life.

Reach more students with engaging and interactive history gameplay!

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immersionED partners with the Gilder Lehrman Institute to offer their 90k+ affiliate history teachers access to engaging history game-based learning.

Immerse yourself in history with immersionED learning video games! Step into the past and experience learning like never before. These games aren’t just fun—they’re designed to boost engagement and foster transferrable skills like perspective analysis. Perfect for students preparing for AP US and AP World exams, they make historical reasoning exciting and accessible. Discover a new way to learn with immersionED—where history comes alive!

immersiveED is offering deals to Gilder Lehrman Institute affiliate teachers with video-game content to support their students with innovative and engaging teaching and learning. If you’d like to sign up for Gilder Lehrman, you can do so here.

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