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FREE ACCESS to immersionED’s American Revolution video game! In the American Revolution Series, students explore Revolutionary Boston, learn about the tensions between the British soldiers and Bostonian colonists, and investigate the events of the Boston Massacre.

Founded by a former history teacher, immersionED builds realistic history video games ideal for skill development. Having previously surveyed thousands of Affiliate Schools from the Gilder Lehrman Institute with the majority indicating interest, immersionED is now launching their American Revolution Series via Gilder Lehrman as an Affiliate Offer in August 2024.

As part of the August Affiliate Offer, you and your students will get Episode 1 for free and a 50% discount on Episodes 2 and 3. In the interim, you can demo all three episodes for free throughout the summer!

immersionED's American Revolution Series

The immersionED American Revolution series teaches students about the tensions leading to the American Revolution, the historical context surrounding the Boston Massacre, the details of the event itself, and its aftermath. 

The games teach and reinforces important historical and humanities-based learning skills, including close reading; primary source analysis; analysis of historical context and perspective; and analytical writing. 

immersonED episodes teach numerous transferable skills such as creativity, decision-making, problem-solving, and self-reflection by placing students into an active learning experience where they must continually synthesize information, come to conclusions, and reflect on their choices.

Gilder Lehrman Affiliate School Offer
  • Teachers get free access to whole American Revolution Series for summer to demo!
  • Teacher gets free access to Episode 1 for all their students!
  • Teachers get 50% off discounted price on Episodes 2 and 3 for all their students this school year ($2.50 each episode)!
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